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PokerAlfie - Help No-Limit Texas Hold'em AI Software - Offline Poker IMPORTANT! PokerAlfie plays poker at a very high level! With the exception of winning real money poker players, everyone else is going to have a hard time winning against PokerAlfie in the long run. Especially for casual and play money players it will be very difficult to win. Weak spots in PokerAlfie's play - PokerAlfie's AI v2.3/v3.0/v3.1 (*PokerAlfie's AI v5.0 plays better and differently) Despite strong play, PokerAlfie has weaknesses that can be exploited - especially by experienced real money poker players. The following comments can help to understand the weak spots in PokerAlfie's play and help you to improve your game against PokerAlfie. Rickroll – the experienced real money poker player played 5000+ hands against PokerAlfie v2.3 and won by 14/100bb Some of Rickroll's comments on playing PokerAlfie on the 2+2 forums: 1745803/?highlight=pokeralfie “… Also, if Alfie 3bets you and hits top pair, they are going to get it all in by the river, making it very easy to bust with hit draws, overpairs and sets …” “… i think main problem is it's too nitty, doesn't defend enough and then if it sees a flop will gii with just top pair or even A high, it's highly exploitable …” “… alfie is way too tight and the entire 5k sample only went 3 handed to a flop, would find alfie sometimes deviate heavily from the nit profile and 3bet you with something like K8 but then alfie bots would usually check fold a lot of flops, alfie didn't bluff enough and would often check down value hands so it felt like i could have played atc so long as i had position because i usually had some options to check down and improve or steal it …” “… The AI is way too nitty when other players enter the pot. Nearly every pot was heads up. Very few went 3 ways to flop and I genuinely don't think we ever had more than 3 people to a flop and one of them would be sure to fold out right away. …” “… There are just so many real world situations where AhKh, JJ, & 99 all find themselves seeing a flop together. Then on the flop it is Jh9x3h and now all three players going to want to continue to see a turn. These situations literally never happened. So I often wondered if it was just a fluke sample or the logic of the software made really strong hands fold out if it were multi way. …” “… it’s too exploitable once the human notices and they will notice it soon after realizing they never go multi way and when they they immediately fold to the smallest bet unless holding the nuts. …” “… 1. ai still folds way too often preflop and becomes incredibly nitty …” “… 2 ai doesn't adjust - once the player realizes how tight they are playing it's very easy to deviate and the cpu won't change course and respond - ie the AI should 100% adapt their calling/raising range based on how the human plays …” “… players are also doing weird things like opening for 3bb with 3bb left then folding to a raise preflop …” Information about PokerAlfie Game Mods Practice: Big blind is 1.00, small blind is 0.50. In practice game mode play-money for each Player in every hand is always 100. Sums of wins and losses for each player are saved and displayed. Statistics for all played hands from all sessions/games are stored. Regardless of how the user plays in practice mode, the tournament level remains the same. Tournament: At the start of the tournament, the big blind is 1.00 and the small blind is 0.50 and everyone gets 100 play money. After some players lose and leave the table, the blinds increase. If user wins the tournament he can play next tournament at the higher level. If the user loses, their tournament level will be lowered. Sums of wins and losses for each player are saved and displayed. Statistics for all played hands from all sessions/games are stored. Analysis: Replay any poker hand you want and ask the AI for advice and suggestions in every situation of the hand. Any hand means: a hand played against PokerAlfie, or a hand you have played elsewhere, or a hand played by others in a live poker tournament, or ... Information about each player: Bottom-left is information about playing position in current hand. UTG - Under The Gun (preflop: first to act player) MP - Middle Position CO - Cutoff D - Dealer/Button SB - Small Blind BB - Big Blind On the right side is the following information: - Player's Name - Money left for use in current hand - Win or loss for entire session/game (from all played hands of current session) - Player's last action ASK AI This feature allows you to see what the AI would play in your position. It also displays the AI's estimation of your odds at showdown and also displays your hand's ranking odds at showdown. HANDS This feature shows the hands history of the hands played. This allows you to analyze your moves or those of your opponents and, more importantly, see opponents' cards after each completed hand. After the 10th hand of a playing session: if you are the 1st, the 2nd or the 3rd best player, app shows a medal on the right side of your name. To see if you are a better player than PokerAlfie, you should play at least 5000 hands. PokerAlfie isn’t unbeatable, but before playing for real money, play against PokerAlfie first and try to understand why you win or why you lose. Please contact if you have any issues or suggestions, we would love to help! This game is only available to people of legal age. The game offers no possibility of winning money or anything of value. Success in playing this game does not necessarily imply your success in a similar real-money game.
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