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yamma taha Feb 25, 2024 - Version: 5.002 - Android Best free app for poker training Patrick Foley Feb 24, 2024 - Version: 5.002 - Android the best poker app I've played Garry Feb 23, 2024 - Version: - Windows PC Still learning The AI bluffs more than I thought. Marcelo Feb 18, 2024 - Version: 5.002 - Android Great app, I'm getting crushed mszczepaniak Feb 4, 2024 - Version: 4.003 - Android great experience John Jan 18, 2024 - Version: - Windows PC Great! very fun game to play on pc! I'm glad that it has the offline gameplay with AI. Júlio César Menezes Martins Jan 9, 2024 - Version: 3.12 - Android Challenger. Uwe Jan 02, 2024 - Version: - Windows PC Great for beginners Just started playing. Excellent for getting practice. Liam Frost Dec 22, 2023 - Version: 3.12 - Android Excellent poker trainer with Ai suggestions for each move. CRAIG Dec 07, 2023 - Version: - Windows PC Out off all of ones I have played, by far this is the funnest to play. You learn how to play in tournaments. Earl Oct 20, 2023 - Version: - Windows PC Played a lot of on line Easy to play and realistic action Matt Ricketts Oct 10, 2023 - Version: 3.12 - Android A superb offline holdem app. A better level of play than against real people for play money. TreeHugger Joe Oct 9, 2023 - Version: 3.11 - Android Great app, l love that is has quick forward botton so i dont waist time on junk hans. Thank for a great app. Sarla Paliwal Sep 21, 2023 - Version: 3.11 - Android Nice app. Nice to practice and its gto feature is amazing Peter Round Aug 29, 2023 - Version: 3.09 - Android Good way to practice poker. Need a solid understanding of the game to do well. Evan Berrier Aug 21, 2023 - Version: 3.07 - Android Can't stop playing this game. Very fun and AI is challenging, so it keeps my poker game sharp. Great work, Pokeralfie. Victor Jul 30, 2023 - Version: 3.07 - Android Very good poker app, I've been playing for a week, no ads, it doesn't take up much space, I really like it so far. Michael Jul 09, 2023 - Version: - Windows PC Loads of fun Best computerized poker game I've found Robert Jun 29, 2023 - Version: - Windows PC Texas Hold Em Great game if you love poker, easy to use and to understand. Mick Mar 12, 2023 - Version: - Windows PC great learning tool for Texas Hold-em! I love this,and it just got way better today with the upgrade-try it,you won't be disappointed! Joel Feb 20, 2023 - Version: - Windows PC Best Offline Poker Game Best tournament play of ANY offline poker game. It will kick your butt and bluff you when you least expect it. James Oct 08, 2022 - Version: - Windows PC Good Practice If you need an app to give you free practice against solid AI, this is for you.