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The unique and novel algorithm used by PokerAlfie enables extremely short learning phase of only few seconds. PokerAlfie does not need to analyze millions and millions saved games. PokerAlfie only needs to know game rules and game goal. Other Poker AI Players need months or years of learning and training to understand how to play poker. Despite PokerAlfie’s fast thinking speed, PokerAlfie’s playing strength challenges good poker players.
PokerAlfie - Poker AI
PokerAlfie - Poker AI Offline Poker AI Software - No-Limit Texas Hold'em
Improve your poker game with PokerAlfie - Offline AI Poker Software
July 31, 2017 “I played against PokerAlfie 2.0 over 5000 hands and PokerAlfie was better for about 0.05 big blinds per hand.” - Srdjan Pavlovic Nislija. Nislija's worldwide highest ranking at PocketFives is 394.
March 12, 2023 - PokerAlfie release 3.0 - Improved UI - Tournament and Practice Game Mode - Ask AI Function - Hands History
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